MCA follows the South African national curriculum (CAPS) from Grade R to 12.

Our comprehensive educational system is driven by dedicated individuals who motivate and support children in their quest to reach their maximum potential in school and in life.

We integrate the Bible from a worldview, thereby delivering a successful Christian-based education that provides a rewarding education alternative, relative to learners’ academic, social and spiritual needs.

Our teaching methodology embraces recognising that each child has a unique learning style with God-given abilities and talents and therefore develop a learning approach that accommodates learners’ individual capabilities, making it possible for the learner, to achieve their full academic potential.

From Grade R to Grade 12, each learner discovers how to develop critical-thinking skills and think creatively and independently.


Junior School

Our Junior School follows the South African national (CAPS) curriculum, divided into two phases: Grades 1 to 3 and Grades 4 to 6.

GRADES 1 – 3

These foundational years focus on essential skills through subjects like English, Afrikaans or IsiZulu, Mathematics, and Life Skills.

GRADES 4 – 6

Students build on their foundation with English, Afrikaans or IsiZulu, Mathematics, Life Skills, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences and Technology.


To progress, a 50% pass mark is needed in English, 40% in one First Additional Language, Mathematics and two other subjects, we then allow a 30% pass mark for one other subject. We prioritise academic excellence for a successful educational journey.

Mrs Van Den Heever
Junior School Principal


In our Senior School, we offer a comprehensive curriculum tailored to different phases. During the Senior Phase (Grade 7-9), students engage with subjects such as English Home Language (HL), Afrikaans First Additional Language (FAL) or IsiZulu FAL, Mathematics, Economic and Management Sciences, Creative Arts, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Life Orientation.

Moving on to the Further Education and Training (FET) Phase (Grade 10-12), our curriculum widens to include English HL, Afrikaans FAL or IsiZulu FAL, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Business Studies, Accounting, History, Physical Science, Geography, Computer Applications Technology, Life Sciences, and Life Orientation.

At Mtuba Christian Academy, our curriculum adheres to policy requirements, ensuring a strong educational foundation and support for students. We provide extra tuition for subjects where needed and offer a specialized Math program. Our promotion requirements are designed to encourage academic progress. For Grades 7-9, students must attain specific achievement levels in English HL, Afrikaans or Zulu FAL, Mathematics, and other subjects. For Grades 10-12, specific percentage thresholds in English HL, Afrikaans FAL or IsiZulu FAL, Mathematics or Math Literacy, and other subjects must be met. Immigrant learners have certain exemptions, and the criteria emphasize the importance of official language proficiency.

Mrs N Mkhwanazi
Senior School Principal