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Enrolments at MCA

All applications are now done ONLINE. Go to the 'ADMISSIONS' page on the top menu and click on 'Apply'. Ensure that you send all supporting documents to
Yes, you can. 1. Pay with your debit or Credit Card via the Yoco Payment Gateway, OR 2. Add MCA as a beneficiary and do EFT, using the following banking details: FNB 62011533058 Ref: Surname, Name and Grade of your child
The shop is currently being setup on our website - please call the school for more info.
All payments will be captured when they are cleared on our account. The school will not be held responsible for any loss incurred by inserting wrong payment details.

Online School

MCA Online School currently only caters for MCA registered learners during the lockdown period. It will however accept other registrations in future.
Yes, MCA is working on making this an alternative to conventional learning as we know it today.
Our Online School currently caters for Grades R-12 CAPS curriculum.
Please send your request to change the password to the Online Course-Co-Ordinator at

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