2021/2022 Application for Admission

Enrolments for 2021 are still open, but spaces are filling up very fast. For this reason, the following process will now be followed:
STEP 1. Before embarking on the application process, please make sure you have an email address at hand and read our Statement of Christian Faith above.

STEP 2. Please contact Reception at (035) 9401272 or via WhatsApp on 082 9050300 or via email at reception@mcacademy.co.za to receive an application form.

STEP 3. Please FILL IN AN APPLICATION FORM and email the application form with all relevant documents (Birth Certificate, Report, /Parents ID’s, Copy of Payslip/2 month bank statement.) back to us (reception@mcacademy.co.za.)

STEP 4. An appointment will be made for the learner to write a PLACEMENT TEST for which you must pay R250(Learner MUST come to school to do the test, unless another arrangement has been made).

STEP 5. Allow the school 5 working days for the test to be scored and for a decision to be concluded. The school will telephonically inform the parent about the results of the Placement Test and the implications thereof (email shall be used where parent is not available on the phone). Parents have a right to schedule an appointment to discuss the results or school decision with the Head of School.

STEP 6. A Non-Refundable Enrolment Fee of R1250 is now payable within 3 days. (NB: if the 3 days has lapsed, your application will be deleted from the system and you will have to start the process all over again!)

STEP 7. On receipt of the above fee, the ENROLMENT AGREEMENT must be completed and signed.

STEP 8. The following documentation must be attached to / sent together with the Enrolment Agreement: 

               a) A completed Debit Order Form. 

               b) A copy of Medical Aid.

STEP 9A LETTER CONFIRMING FULL ENROLMENT (with the Student Account Number) will then be issued and sent via email on receipt of the said payments and documentation.

STEP 10. The above letter MUST BE PRESENTED at Reception on the first day the learner attends school. 

STEP 11. Parents must ensure they have received and read
the Parent Brochure
(available on the school website) which
is a summarized version of the policies and school rules. Complete versions of
all policies are available on the school website or on request.